Celtic Harp

Shannon has devoted her practice to perfecting the art of Irish harp playing. She strives for authenticity, clarity,  and an understanding of Irelands' rich musical history. Below is a partial list of her Celtic music library.

~The Parting of Friends (Na Cumain)- Denis Hempson

~Cailin o chois tsure me- Ancient Irish

~Caoine Phiarais Feiriteir- Ancient Irish

~Eibhlin a Run- Ancient Irish

~Tiarna Mhaigh Eo- David Murphy

~The Gaelic Farmer- Treasa Ni Chormaic

~Gilliekrankie- Thomas Connelan

~The Irish Ho-Hone- Viscount Fitzwilliam

~Lament and Hornpipe- Treasa Ni Chormaic

~Planxty George Brabazon- O'Carolan

~Sheebeg Sheemore- O'Carolan

~Scaruint Na gCompanach- Rory Dall O Cathain

~Planxty Irwin- O'Carolan

~Trip to Sligo

~Wild Mountain Thyme

~William O'Flinn- O'Carolan

~Minstrel Boy- Thomas Moore

~David Foy

~I Will Leave this Country and Go Along With You

~Hornpipe- Anne Crowley

~John O'Connor- O'Carolan

~Maid at the Spinning Wheel

~Maurice O'Connor- O'Carolan

~Merrily Kiss the Quaker

~The New Sa-hoo- Giles Farnaby

~Scottish Air

~Single Jig


~Blarney Pilgrim


~Haste to the Wedding

~Geese in the Bog


~The Rattlin' Bog

~Anonn's Annal

~'Tis Pretty to be in Balinderry


~Flow Gently, Sweet Afton- Alexander Hume

~Pretty Irish Girl, from "Darby O'Gill and the Little People"- Lawrence WatOliver Wallace

Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar
Danny Boy - Frederick Weatherly
Cockles and Mussels - Traditional Irish
Carolan's Concerto - Turlough O'Carolan
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns