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~10 Reasons To Have a Harpist at Your Wedding~

1. The harp adds to your decor or can be used as a "statement piece" for simpler weddings.

2. It can be played inside or outside (weather permitting)

3. Guests can clearly hear it but can also comfortably talk during prelude/cocktail hour.

4. It acts as a conversation piece and entertains any guests who might be there solo. 

5. The happy couple can take beautiful, unique photos with the harp!

6. I match my outfit to your color theme.

7. It's memorable- people may not remember the small details, but they won't miss the 6 foot tall instrument in the room. 

8. It's often less expensive than hiring an ensemble or band.

9. Almost every culture has their own relationship with the harp. Including music respective to your family's cultural history can add a level of depth to the occasion.

10. The celebration can shift from an ultra romantic, flowing scenic processional to an all-out party!